Sunday, April 26, 2015

love hate Extreme Rules 2015

Spudguns! Coffee time, here's what I thought about tonight's ppv. Which given I had a migraine and wasn't feeling well, had a difficult time watching the tv screen, or for that matter, concentrating on typing...

Pre-show: Barrett vs the troll king...I mean Neville.  And of course they had Neville win. Crap!
Otherwise, they wasted too much time with recaps. But, I have to say, Seth Rollins can express more with a sad eyed look then half the guys can with five minutes of mic time. 
Dean Ambrose looked drunk...just saying. 

Match#1-  Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper in a Street Fight.  Both swinging fists before the bell outside the ring. Shocker for ya. They jumped into their car and drove out into the city...they just wanted to get to a television to watch Good Wife and Battle Creek...  They came back 45 minutes later, and half way finished the match. Made their way back to the ring, Harper buried Ambrose with chairs, but Ambrose got out before he could do anything. Ambrose won...normally I would be more excited one of my werewolves won but...migraine. And I really didn't care to see yet another street fight to begin with.

Match#2-Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus in a Kiss me Arse match. Bloody hell dude, why?  It seems I'm the only one on the planet who likes Sheamus's new look, I think it's groovy. Then again I'm Newfie which is half Irish so deal with it frealniks.  Ziggler won, and Sheamus really played it up that he didn't want to kiss...I wouldn't either...then Sheamus landed a low that sounds so wrong...keeping from having to kiss Ziggler's arse.  Sheamus then with a knocked out Ziggler, grabbed him and made him kiss his arse. I like Sheamus...he's pale as chalk, got that Dracula thing happening for him.

Match#3-New Day vs Kidd/Cesaro for Tag titles.  Normally, I'm a big fan of the tag team division, but this last year, the division has blown dog backwards man.  Don't know if it's just the bad gimmicks, or guys who don't truly gel together, or bad storylines or what, but creative needs a dog bone and a mint. Kofi got the win for New Day...what? Why?

Match#4-Cena vs Rusev for the United States title in a chain match. Cena won like we didn't read that script.

Match#5- women's...bathroom break...

Match#6-Roman Reigns vs Big Show in a last man standing match. I know they put their hands up to buffer the hits when they get thrown into the ring posts on the outside, but how often do they break their hands and arms on those? The running spear on the announce booth by Reigns was spiffy. And showing how strong Reigns is by lifting the booth was also spiffy. Reigns won...thank god!
That's two werewolves for the win...

Bo Dallas vs Ryback...ten second throw away match for no reason. Which given they didn't have a ref or bell, wasn't really a not counting it as one.

Main Event- Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton in a cage match for the heavyweight title. And the signal went out during the main event...what the hell?  Lost almost 3 minutes of the match. Rollins won. He cheated...but...That's a werewolf hat trick.

I have to say, normally I shell out for the pay-per-views because of the Ambrose factor, but this month it was all about Rollins for me. I still want the Shield back together.

Love Ardeth Blood

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