Saturday, June 12, 2010

NXT - Season 2

NXT just started here in Canada, with the second season of the show. (no we did not have the first season)

Um... er yeah. Senshi is now going by the name of Kaval. And what can I say, other then they paired him up with a couple of divas. Most likely because they are the same height.
They introduced him as the "rookie you have been waiting for" which is pretty much true. Alot of fans tuned in just for him.

The question is will we continue to ?

What did I think of this show, well it had two matches that were less then mediocre and way too many already known stars as rookies. It also seems like they have already decided to have 7 out of the 8 rookies as heels. I guess they feel too many faces came out of their last season. Which given all of the rookies from season one did a beat down on Cena they must feel all 8 men were faces.
Speaking of which, they spent over half the hour recapping that beat down from last Monday night.

My thoughts on this are still in the air. If they actually bother to have more matches in the next episode, then I will do a full on review.