Thursday, June 28, 2012

My thoughts on TNA Impact for the month of June 2012

I used screen capture for this post

I just caught up with the three episodes of TNA Impact that I've been avoiding.  So, episodes for June 7th, 14th and 21st.

Shall I start by saying I hope Chris Sabin has a smooth recovery from his latest injury.  Dude, it totally sucks what happened, and I speak from experience when I say it's never easy getting over something like that.  And I don't just mean the injury itself but the irony of the situation.

Gut Check... I still think it's a bad idea so moving on... No wait, I have to say, after seeing that one splash of package on the removal of Joey Ryan, I can't help but wonder if my comments were heard?  I still think the whole Gut Check idea is only a band-aid and not a solution.

The X-Division title.  Austin Aries,  I do love that wrestler and what he's able to do in the ring and on the mic.  I love the fact that he's getting the chance to prove that he's just as wicked as some of the other hefty-bags that are in line for the TNA title, but I don't like the idea that he's willing to give up the X-title that easily.
Even with this new condition he spoke about, giving whomever is holding the X-belt to be able to get an instant pass at the TNA title every year at the Destination X ppv... it just doesn't vibe out for me.
I just can't help but think bad negative on that, my zombie eaten brain just seems to be screaming at me that the most important title in the industry right now will be phased off.  I can't get out the bad negative thoughts that the higher ups are doing their damnedest to phase off and out the whole division.  
I do hope for once my paranoia and general dislike of the world is just messing with me, and all will be fine for TNA and the X-Division.  So, prove me wrong on this please.

With my rant said,  it also makes sense at the moment to fit Mr. Aries into the heavy weight division, as there seems to be not much competition at the moment for him in the X-Division, with Alex Shelley having parted from TNA (I'm still digesting that information and it doesn't go with my coffee) and Chris Sabin having injured himself again... again get well soon dude!

The Bound For Glory series.  It was a good idea, and still is.  Anderson calling out Daniels, very nice, love it when a man comes to the ring with his cocktail in hand... I mean that literally this time, as he had a martini in hand.
The Bound For Glory series is something that puts many of the guys on even ground.  This I like.  It lets some of the guys get a leg up who might not otherwise.

The A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter affair... hate it. Just really hate it. And I'm guessing that the fans just didn't want to buy it.  I think the idea of Styles as anything other then perfect white knight right now is asking a bit much from the fans.
Had this storyline been introduced back when Styles was part of Angle's group few years back along with Karen, yeah it would have been easier to sit through.  But, there are just a few wrestlers that no matter what, just seem better off suited to being the "teen idol" and A. J. Styles is that. 
I don't know, when I hear the name A.J. Styles, I just think Prince Charming in a fairy tale sweetness. I get that's a very tall image to hold up to, but dude, that's the price for being the "Face" of the company for so many years.

I would love to see Robbie E change his style.  Get rid of the gimmick, loose the tan and just wrestle.

Magnus, shut him up please.  Just slap some duct tape on him please.

Have I mentioned how NOT a fan of the Hogans I am in this post?  In case you've missed it,  I have never been a fan of Hogan, and now his daughter is crapping up my screen.  How long will that fly before she dunks the KnockOuts division into the crap?
I've never been very quiet with what I think about women divisions in wrestling in general, but I have to say that when TNA really brought the women's division to the front; few years ago, it was a strong division. And compared to the other company it is still head and shoulders above; but I think in the last year and a half, even TNA's women's division has gotten a bit plugged.  Before they bring in anyone else, they should rethink what they have already.
And as much as I have always adored Eric Young and ODB, I really dislike the idea of them being the KnockOut Champs.  It's just foolish.

Love your Professionally Outraged Wrestling Fan,  Ardeth Blood.

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