Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raw for the week of Nov 8th 2010-Highlights

We opened with Cena reading an intro for Wade Barrett. Then the camera swung around to the announce booth and we see Josh Mathews on the mic.  THANK GOD! finally someone who is worthy to listen to. Barrett needs to do something about that Jughead Jones slicked back comic book hair. I mean seriously, how much gel is in that? I always find it funny when you hear cheers for someone who most of the time is booed. But, given they were in England, it made for an interesting noise to hear half the crowd cheering Barrett.
Can I have your attention please I received an email from somebody of no importance  and I quote... this gimmick is tired and boring. Just expose the general manager already. 

The Hart Dynasty vs Usos.  Usos win.  
Goldust vs DiBiase. Goldust won.
Cena vs David Otunga. Cena won 
Tea Party with Santino and Sheamus. Which turned into a match.  Sheamus won by a dq when Santino went for a low blow.
Team Orton (Randy Orton/Miz/R-Truth/Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry) with the Bore-Spore Alex Riley in their corner  vs Team Nexus. (Husky Harris/McGillicuty/Slater/Gabreille/Barrett) and Cena as the special ref.  Otunga came down mid match for Nexus corner.  Barrett's team got the win because Miz and the Bore-Spore Alex Riley turned on Orton.

Your Match of the night.... isn't really a match. It's the Tea Party with Sheamus.  I wonder how long they thought about the ginger tea joke, which got a smirk out of Sheamus. When the camera swung around to get the close up, it looked like Sheamus was trying not to laugh. Of course, all the jokes were about his skin tone and hair colour. Then of course, Santino spilled the tea on Sheamus, well more like tossed the tea pot at 90 miles an hour. Now, I have to admit, Sheamus holding up the hem of his shirt to show us his belly had my attention. 
Now, if you've been reading me this last year throughout the internet, you know I've been very vocal about liking Sheamus.  I think he's beautiful as well as being talented. So few weeks ago when they started the feud between Sheamus and Santino, my reaction was oh god who did the poor guy piss off behind the scenes to be dumbed down to mid-card status  Then I remembered having seen old footage of Sheamus in his indie days, and the humour that he laced the footage with.  But, it seems to be more of a set up for a feud with John Morrison and Sheamus.  I don't understand why they have to go through all this extra crap with Santino if it's going to lead to a Sheamus vs Morrison in time?  Why not just skip on to Morrison vs Sheamus?