Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smackdown for Dec 3rd 2010 -Thoughts and Highlights

This was the show after the King of the Ring (that Sheamus won) and we open with Rey Mysterio talking about how he was cheated out of a shot at King of the Ring by Alberto Del Rio.  Rio then came out and got in Rey's face.

I really like Alberto Del Rio, he's got the talent and the mic skills that so many are lacking lately.  He's someone I hope stays Heel for a few years.

Match #1 Drew McIntyre/Dolph Ziggler vs MVP/Kaval.  Ziggler got the win

Kane came out and demanded Edge to return Paul. 

Match #2 Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger. Kofi got the win.

Match #3 Chris Masters vs Cody Rhodes.   Rhodes got the win.

Looks like the end of the Edge sitcom.  And the start of the Eagle sitcom. Why do we need to see some dude running around in a bird costume?   We don't and the punning was bad really bad from the announce team. 

Main Event was Kane vs Edge.  Edge won and gets to pick the stipulation at the TLC ppv next week. Which ended up being a Tables-Ladders-Chairs match itself.  Then Kane beat up a Paul look a like. And the sitcom continues.

Not the best of shows this week as there was more flash backs to last week's Raw than anything else.
I am really trying to understand why the WWE is dragging out this whole chase sitcom with Edge and Kane?  At first I was thinking that maybe Edge was slightly injured and they just needed a way to give him some air time, but he's wrestled a few times in the last few weeks so that's not the case.  Are they just trying to show off how large the backstage areas are?  Are they just getting a laugh out of seeing Kane run? 
I'm hoping there is a big pay off to this sitcom after next week. Also hoping to see Edge win the belt.