Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I Would Like To See in TNA In 2011

#1- A.J. Styles leave Fortune and go back to being Face getting back the TNA belt. (the old design that Eric Young has at the moment)

#2- Give Eric Young a real chance at the belt.  I have no idea why he has not properly held that belt yet or had the chance to be even a number one contender.

#3- Loss Hardy altogether. Just toss him down the sewer.

#4- Bring J.B.  on the announce team with Tazz and toss Mike Tennay.

#5- Jesse Neal needs a chance at the X-Division belt. Keep him in his tag team, but let him have a shot much the way Alex Shelley was given his in 2009.  It would be interesting to have a small feud with Neal and Jay Lethal for the X Belt.

#6- Kaz needs to turn on Styles. That would be an interesting feud for a couple of months.

#7- Give Chris Sabin a shot at the TV title.  Let him stay in his tag team, but let him feud as the Heel against Douglas Williams.  Just to give a bit of dimension to things.  (done in a "best of 5" style) I can't remember the last time Sabin was truly a Heel.

#8-  Alex Shelley needs to feud for a while with Shannon Moore.  This could lead to many great styled matches, as well as building on the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Ink Inc. plots.  Again, keeping them both in their respective tag teams but adding an edge of flavour to the soup so to speak. I think if that was done in a "best of 5" type of feud like what we saw MMG vs Beer Money Inc. last summer it would work well for close to three months or so, giving just a fresh twist instead of just the same old same old feuds. Which would be a great appetizer for a MMG vs Ink Inc. feud (yes I had to get the Alex Shelley food references in there)